Hide n’ Seek

Have you seen this video where a pilot unexpectedly found a cat on the wing of his glider *in mid-flight*?!

Poor kitty must have been awfully startled to wake up from a nice nap to find himself up in the sky! Luckily, the pilot and kitty landed safely, but it sure is a lesson in looking closely at those little nooks and crannies cats manage to squeeze themselves into because sometimes it means trouble!

I know we’ve all heard about cats crawling up into cars to keep warm in the winter. And I always, always check the dryer before I close the door and turn it on. My critters are all quite curious and I can’t imagine how horrible it would be if anyone got hurt because I didn’t notice something.

Then there are other times when it seems one of my cats has just vanished into thin air. I call his name and make kissy sounds, shake the little bag of treats, crack a can of tuna, and still nada. Approximately 30 seconds after drafting lost cat posters, said kitty pops out from under the TV stand, stretches nonchalantly, and walks over to wind himself around my ankle, as if to say “hey mom, wasn’t that game of hide and seek fun?”. It’s a good thing he’s cute, that’s all I have to say.

– Jocelyn
Spokane Cat Clinic


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